Crucial Volleyball Positions

Volleyball is an exciting game which many people like to watch and play. However, many of them do not know its rules as well as different positions that players require to occupy while playing. The entire volleyball team keeps on rotating, for example, which is one of the most basic rules of the sport. However, there are key playing volleyball positions too that you should know to understand what is going on as you watch or play.

Key Playing Position

Outside Hitter

This is the position occupied by the player who hits from the strong corner. This means that if you are right handed, your strong corner is the left side and vice versa. Sports analysts have argued that left handed players who come to occupy the front right corner are the most powerful and form a strong attacking focal point for the team.

Middle blocker

This is the position around the center of the court usually occupied by the tallest person in the team. This player is very crucial to a team in that he or she blocks every hit from the opponent's side. During the blocking aspect of this position, the middle blocker raises high above the net with support from other players especially the outside hitters to ensure the ball falls on the opponent’s side as the opposition tries to counter the block.

Setter Position

This is the position occupied by a player known as the setter. The primary purpose of a settler is to set up the ball for the hitters. The setter is the player who should come into contact with the second ball within the play. If the setter is unable to get the second ball he or she should yell for help from other team members. In some cases, the situation may force the setter to touch the first ball. Similarly, he or she should alert the teammates to know that it is their responsibility to touch the second ball. Communication is essential in volleyball too especially for a player position like the one occupied by the setter.

Defensive /Libero specialist positions

The defensive players occupy the back row position on the pitch, but in the instance they want to play, they must get authorization from the referee. The Libero also plays in the back row but usually has permission to go in and out of the game as they wish. A list of the Libero’s is kept by officials so they kno
w who the new libero is. Furthermore, liberos must wear different Jerseys from other plays on the court so they are easily recognizable.

It is evident through this guide that there are key volleyball positions while playing the game. More info can be found by clicking here. Carefully read it and be sure to enjoy the game next time you watch or play.